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Working with EPM Automate on Mac OS

EPM Automate utility can now be used on Mac. In this post, I will show you how to install the utility on Mac OS and get it working.

Download and Install JDK

The first step is to download JDK from Oracle’s website. If you have JDK installed you can skip to the next step. Use this link to download JDK. Accept the license agreement and select the .dmg file for Mac OS.

Once the download is complete, go ahead and install JDK on your Mac. After installation open terminal and type the following commands to make sure that java has been installed properly.

The first command will give you the path to where Java has been installed. It is usually “/usr/bin/java”. The second command will give you version details of Java installed on your Mac. Here is what I see:

Download EPM Automate for Mac OS

Login to the EPM Instance and Navigate to downloads. Select “Download for Linux/Mac” option for EPM Automate.

This will download the EPMAutomate.tar file. I moved the file to “Documents/EPM” folder. The next step is to unzip the “.tar” file. You can use the following commands on your Mac Terminal

The above commands will create the epmautomate folder in “/Documents/EPM” folder.

Set JAVA HOME and Path to EPM Automate

For EPM Automate utility to work properly we need to setup JAVA_HOME and the path to EPM Automate utility. Open the .bash_profile and we will add the details to it.

Add the following to the end of the file. Press “Esc + i” to edit the file.

Make sure to give the correct path to the EPM Automate bin directory.

Save the file by pressing “esc” and “wq!” and finally “Enter / Return”. Exit the terminal. Open a new terminal and type the following to make sure its all good:

You should get an output like below. You can see the path to Java and the Path to EPM Automate are set correctly.

Run EPM Automate Commands

Open Terminal and type and you should get an output like below.

Now you can use EPM Automate utility on your Mac. Let me know if you have questions.

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