Analyzing Renewable Sources of Power In India

It is no secret that over the years, India has been investing more in Renewable Sources of energy. Today let’s take a look at a 4 year time period (2014–2018) to understand the statistics.

For this analysis I downloaded the data files from portal offered by the government of India. I downloaded the following files and later combined it into one file. The clean data file can be downloaded from my GitHub repository.

  1. 2014–2015
  2. 2015–2016
  3. 2016–2017
  4. 2017–2018

One of the issues that I noticed was that the same state had different spellings in different files. Luckily it is pretty easy to clean using Python Pandas package. There was a “Total” row in each of the files. I removed the total rows while combining the data into one file. The last change I performed was to add a “Year” column.

My first question was to find out the trend over the four year window. As you may notice in the below chart, the power generation from Renewable sources has been on the rise. It is great to see this.

Total Power Generation from Renewable Sources (India)

Next I wanted to see the various renewable sources used to generate power and the trend. It is great to see that Wind and Solar are the top contributors. The adoption of both the sources have been on the rise and that is very positive.

Various Renewable Sources used for Power Generation (India)

Obviously, the next question was to find out which states utilize renewable sources of energy the most to generate power. I plotted the total power generated by each state over the 4 year time period. And here are the results!!

Total Power Generated by Various Sates and Union Territories

Based on the above information, it seems that the top 6 states are

  1. Tamil Nadu
  2. Maharashtra
  3. Karnataka
  4. Gujarat
  5. Rajasthan
  6. Andhra Pradesh

The last thing I was interested in was to find the utilization of Solar and Wind in Power Generation by the top 6 states that we have identified. In 2018, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu generated the most units of Power from Solar Energy.

Power from Solar

Now lets take a look at the Power Generated from Wind. Tamil Nadu is way ahead of other states in terms of power generation from Wind energy. And I never knew this!! Gujarat and Maharashtra are the next two states generating most units of power from wind in 2018.

Power from Wind

Tamil Nadu has become a leader in Wind Power in India. In Muppandal windfarm the total capacity is 1500 MW, the largest wind power plant in India. The total wind installed capacity in Tamil Nadu is 7633 MW.

Last but not least, lets also take a look at the trend of Total power generated from renewable sources over the years.

Total Power from Renewable Sources by The Top 6 States (India)

From the above chart, it is pretty evident that Tamil Nadu is generating the most units of power from renewable sources of energy for the last 2 years.


Overall, I am very happy about the direction India is moving in terms of utilizing Renewable Sources of energy for power generation.

During this analysis I learned that Tamil Nadu generates more power from Wind and also the total units of power from Renewable Sources of energy. This is comparing the data with the other states in India.

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