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Passing Multiple Parameter Values to BI Publisher Report Web Services Call

I have written detailed blogs about how to invoke Oracle BI Publish Report using Web Services. Recently there was a question in Cloud Customer Connect forum regarding how to pass multiple values for a specific parameter while invoking the Web Services call. I was able to answer that question. So here is how you.

Please read my blog “Invoke Oracle BI Report using Web Services” to understand the basics of using ExternalReportWSSService web services end point to invoke an Oracle BI Publisher Report. You should have access to Oracle ERP Cloud instance and should have the data model and report already created.

First things first, there should be a parameter defined in the data model. In my data model I have a parameter called p_period.

Since the user may pass multiple values for the parameter, I have used “IN” clause instead of “=” in the WHERE condition. Check out Line# 5.

In this scenario, you have a list values associated with the parameter. The parameter type is Menu. You have enabled Multiple Selection (the user can select multiple values for the parameter).

The pay load will be as shown below. Check out line numbers 10, 11 and 12. We have one line for each value you want to pass for the p_period parameter.

In this scenario, the parameter type is Text. You have enabled Text Field contains comma-separated values.

The payload will be as shown below. Check out line number 10. You are passing the multiple values as comma separated string.

We saw two different ways to pass multiple values to a parameter while invoking the Oracle BI Publisher Report using ExternalReportWSSService Web Service. Let me know if you know of other ways to accomplish the same.

If you want me to create a video on the same let me know. Happy learning!!



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