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Oracle Strategic Workforce Planning

Arun Raj


The SWP offering from Oracle is more geared towards the HR users. It acts as a collaborative platform between Finance, HR and Executive leadership team. There are two main modules within SWP offering — Head Count Planning and Labor Cost Planning. I will be focusing more on the Head Count Planning module of SWP in this article.

Labor cost planning is the same offering as what we have in Planning (Workforce Planning module).

Typical Workflow

Executive leadership team decides the long term goals. It could be net new expansion or developing a new product or entering a new market etc. Based on these goals the HR organization analyzes the current workforce from different angles:

  • Demand : What is the demand for critical jobs to meet our strategic goals
  • Supply : How does supply look like for the next few years
  • Skills : Do we have enough resources with the necessary skills to achieve the strategic goals

Once you look at the above data you can become more proactive and not reactive. You are ahead of the game.

Demand Planning

Demand planning is performed using Demand Drivers. You have the flexibility to define and configure the drivers that are relevant to your organization. There are out of the box calculations provided by Oracle. As always, you do have the option to configure custom calculations.

Based on the drivers you define, the system will calculate and project the demand for critical jobs for the defined time frame. You can include additional attributes like utilization rate or efficiency increase etc. You can read more about the various calculations here.

Supply Planning

The supply planning drivers allow you to forecast the supply of manpower. By default Oracle SWP offers two supply planning drivers

  • Attrition Rate
  • Retirement Age

Once you set the attrition rate values (by job or by age band) and the retirement age, the system will take into account the attritions and retirements in the near future while forecasting the supply.

This helps you to identify the…



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