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Oracle EPM 22.10 Updates

Arun Raj


Here are few important updates that were part of the Oracle EPM 22.10 updates.

New Version of Migration REST APIs

A new, simplified v2 version of several Migration REST APIs has been released. This new version contains all parameters in the payload and does not require URL encoding while invoking the REST APIs.

  • List Files (v2)
  • Copy a File Between Instances (v2)
  • Copy Application Snapshot (v2)
  • Run Daily Maintenance While Skipping the Scheduled Daily Maintenance (v2)
  • Get the Build Version and Daily Maintenance Window Time (v2)
  • Set the Daily Maintenance Window Time (v2)
  • Manage Permission for Manual Access to Database (v2)
  • Skip Updates (v2)
  • Set Encryption Key (v2)

I love the fact that the new version is backward compatible, so no changes are needed for existing REST APIs.

Updates to Groovy Business Rules

There are two major updates to Groovy functionality.

  • In Oracle Smart View for Office, you can now run Groovy rules from the right-click menu in forms in the context of selected cells.
  • When creating data grid definitions using Groovy, you can now use the new FlexibleDataGridDefinitionBuilder to apply exclusions to the member selections.

Workforce Module Updates in EPM Planning

There are significant updates to the Workforce planning module.

  • The new Split-Funded FTE option in Workforce allows an FTE to be split-funded across multiple sparse dimensions such as cost center, entity, project, and so on. An administrator enables Split-Funded FTE in Enable Features.
  • You can now perform merit-based planning for new hires
  • Hiring Requisitions use Start Date and End Date instead of Start Year, Start Month and End Year, End Month.
  • You can use Data Integration to load large numbers of new hires all at once.
  • Mass Update forms now use Start Date and End Date instead of Start Year, Start Month and End Year, End Month.

I will be creating specific videos or blogs on the above updates. What are some of the updates you love from the above list? Let me know in the comments.

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