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Oracle Cloud BI — Select a Layout While Invoking the BI Report

Here is what I was trying to figure out

  • I have a BI Report with multiple layouts (RTF, XML, CSV)
  • I want to invoke the BI Report using Web Services
  • I would like to select a specific layout to generate the output

I hope you are familiar with ExternalReportWSSService. If not, you can read more about it in my blog here. In this post I want to show how you can select a specific layout while invoking the BI Report using the ExternalReportWSSService Web Service.

You need access to Oracle Cloud BI Server. I am hoping that you have a BI report with multiple templates, something like below. You will notice that I have two layouts.

Pay Load File

Create a payload file like below. This is used while invoking the web service.

The most important line is shown below. This is where I am specifying the Layout Name.


If you want to use another layout, you can change the layout name in the Payload file.

I know this was a quick one. But I am hoping this is helpful to some of the folks out there. Let me know if you have questions. Your comments and feedback are appreciated.

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