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Stability AI has launched SDXL 0.9, the most advanced development in the Stable Diffusion text-to-image suite of models. Following the successful release of Stable Diffusion XL beta in April, SDXL 0.9 produces massively improved image and composition detail over its predecessor. The model can be accessed via ClipDrop today with API coming shortly.

SDXL 0.9 Version

Here are some examples of the images generated using both SDXL beta (left) and 0.9. You can clearly and easily notice the improvements in the 0.9 model. You can read more about this here.

Prompt: ✨aesthetic✨ aliens walk among us in Las Vegas, scratchy found film photograph

Prompt: A wolf in Yosemite National Park, chilly nature documentary film photography
Negative prompt: 3d render, smooth, plastic, blurry, grainy, low-resolution, anime, deep-fried, oversaturated

System requirements

As per Stability AI, SDXL 0.9 is able to be run on a modern consumer GPU, needing only a Windows 10 or 11, or Linux operating system, with 16GB RAM, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 20 graphics card (equivalent or higher standard) equipped with a minimum of 8GB of VRAM. Linux users are also able to use a compatible AMD card with 16GB VRAM.


SDXL 0.9 is now available on the Clipdrop by Stability AI platform. Stability AI API and DreamStudio customers will be able to access the model this Monday, 26th June as well as other leading image generating tools like NightCafe.

SDXL 0.9 will be provided for research purposes only during a limited period to collect feedback and fully refine the model before its general open release. The code to run it will be publicly available on Github.


SDXL0.9 is released under a non-commercial, research-only license and is subject to…



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