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Key Updates in Oracle EPM 23.08 (August) Release

Arun Raj


Last week of the month is an exciting 👌time for me. I do watch out for what is coming out in the next monthly Oracle EPM update. So here are the key updates in the 23.08 update.

Data Management Feature Migration To Data Integration

Although, this is not necessarily happening in August, this is something you need to take note of. Starting with the September (23.09) update, the user interface pages listed below will no longer be available in Data Management; but will be available in Data Integration.

The above table tells you what is moving out of Data Management and where to navigate to view and configure the same in Data Integration.

New Job Types in Data Pipeline

Data Pipeline one of the most exciting new features released in Oracle EPM. In the August update, there are new job types available.

  • Clear Cube
  • EPM Job - Execute various jobs supported by the “EPM Platform Jobs Framework” by providing the job name, job type, and parameters.

Schedule Integration Pipeline

You will be able to schedule an integration pipeline job in the Job Scheduler. This is another great feature that I believe will help streamline a ton of processes. I am excited to try this one.

Other EPM Cloud Platform Updates

Here a few other items that may interest you. You can read more about these here.

👉 Embedding Google Sheets, Google Drive Files, and Microsoft Office 365 Files in Navigation Flows

Customers can embed the third-party pages listed below in EPM Cloud Application navigation flows. Though not supported by Oracle, using instructions provided by the third-party sites, you can now embed links to these resources within navigation flow…



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