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Invoke Oracle EPM Data pipeline using REST API

Arun Raj


Data pipeline was a feature introduced in Oracle EPM in the June 2023 monthly updates. In this article I will show you how to invoke a Data Pipeline using EPM REST API.

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Configuring the Data Pipeline

When you configure the data pipeline, you have to provide the following information:

  • Pipeline Name
  • Pipeline Code: This cannot be changed later.
  • Maximum Parallel Jobs

Pipeline code is what we will be using to identify the pipeline during the REST API call.

Invoking the Pipeline using REST API

The data pipeline REST API can be used to invoke the Data Pipeline. The details of API can be found here.

  • REST API End point: /aif/rest/{api_version}/jobs
  • API Version: V1

While invoking the REST API, you need to pass the below payload.

The most import parameters to be passed in the payload are:

  • jobName: This is the Pipeline code
  • jobType: “pipeline”

You can also include variables that are used in the pipeline.


You can invoke pipeline using REST API from Groovy, OIC (Oracle Integration Cloud), Python, PowerShell or any of the programming languages you are using as part of your workflow.

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