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Export Data Slice EPM REST API

Arun Raj
4 min readSep 28, 2021

In today’s article, lets have a closer look at the Export Data Slice EPM REST API. To read more about EPM REST APIs head over to Oracle’s documentation.

I have created few videos on my YouTube channel explaining EPM REST APIs concepts. You can view those here.

API Details

Export data slice can be used to export data for a specified region or intersection . The exported data will be in the form of a JSON grid with pov, columns, and 0 or more data rows. Data will be exported only for cells for which the user has read-write access.

  • Method : POST
  • Response: JSON
  • End point: /HyperionPlanning/rest/{api_version}/applications/{application}/plantypes/{plantype}/exportdataslice

You have to provide the following details to the end point:

  • API Version
  • Application Name
  • Plan Type / cube name

Payload Parameters

The API accepts a payload with the below parameters. The details of the parameters are provided in the table below.

The key parameter is the gridDefinition parameter. This is what we use to define our grid (pov, columns and rows).

Grid Definition Example

Let’s check out a form in FCCS to understand the grid definition more clearly. I will be working with the FCCS_Balance Sheet by Consolidation data form.

To define a grid we need 3 basic components : POV, Columns and Rows. Let’s just focus on the first column and one account on the row. Based on these assumptions the dimensions for the grid definition are as follows.

  • POV: Movement, Years, Period, Data Source, Scenario, Entity, View, Intercompany, Multi-GAAP, Product
  • Column: Consolidation, Currency

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