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ChatGPT for SQL Queries

Arun Raj


You might have already tried out ChatGPT. So have I. Today I wanted to share some of my experiences using ChatGPT. For this post, I will share the results of the questions that I had regarding SQL Queries.

I was curious to know if I can get accurate SQL statements. And to my surprise, YES!!

DDL Queries

I decided to try few DDL Statements first.

Question 1: Write a SQL query to delete a table called AP_INVOICES

Question 2: Write a sql query to alter the table ap_invoives and add a primary key called ap_invoice_id_pk on column invoice_id

Here you will notice the additional information provided regarding dropping the existing primary key. I didn’t ask that in my question. However, ChatGPT provided that information. And that is amazing!!

DML Queries

It was now time to test the DML Statements.

Question 3: Write a sql query to convert SYSDATE to MM/DD/YYY format

Question 4: Write a SQL query to view the sum of invoice_amount by invoice_num from ap_invoices table


Based on the above questions and answers you can see that ChatGPT was able to provide accurate SQL statements. What I loved about the interaction was the explanations and the additional details provided for each of the statements.

I believe this is a game changer. And I feel this helping the business users and end users in understanding as well as writing SQL queries on their own. What are you thoughts?



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